Skate skiing during SS phase

Is there a way of working in skate skiing on Thurdays instead of the planned workout in the 32 week plan. These planned workouts seem to be typically endurance workouts with 45-75 TSS.

Skiing will begin at the beginning of the SS phase of the 32 week plan.


If you’d rather do skate skiing on Thursday as opposed to the planned workout most of the time that would be ok. Some of this depends on how far away your goal event is. If it is pretty far off it will not effect you negatively to skate ski. The good thing is typically Thursday is followed by a rest day. Also by doing Thursday you are getting in the key workouts of the plan which typically fall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

You just don’t want it to effect your cycling and make your legs more sore especially come Saturdays ride.

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Thanks @Jake, good to hear. At this point the first A race is 22 weeks out, and ski season here in Vancouver is pretty short.

Yeah plenty of time. Enjoy the skate ski season. I coach a couple athletes that mix in some skiing as well. Skate skiing is not easy!