Six Weeks Till Cyclocross Review

Having completed Cyclocross Summer Sweet Spot in July, I started Six Weeks to Cyclocross in August and just completed the program. I enjoyed the structure of the workout schedule as well as the varied levels of intensity and skills. You will do a mix of high and low intensity workouts with skill work to prepare you for competition. But to get the most out of it, I listened to the excellent FasCat Training Tips podcast on iTunes and read the FasCat Forum. These reinforced the training and helped me become a total athlete by sharing wisdom on diet, recovery and other topics. Frank and Brandon, I suggest that you embed links to specific Training Tips podcasts with the workouts: the discussions were really helpful, whether it be cornering or managing your season. My road race results have measurably improved and am looking forward to my first CX race in Parker, CO. I highly recommend Six Weeks to Cyclocross and now it’s off to CX Intervals!


Thanks @MudIsFunner for the great review – this is the kind of feedback that keeps us motivated and inspired to keep producing content for our athletes! I also think that is a great idea about integrating the links. Appreciate the suggestion :slight_smile:

Stoked for you and all your improvements and am looking forward to hearing how that race goes for you – feel free to update us in this thread!!

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Hello Lacey,
I am currently in the final weekend of my prolonged roadseason and halfway through the six weeks till cross plan.
I am shifting to indoortraining on Zwift on my roadbike with powermeter.
On my crossbike I ha v.C. e no powermeter however.
As I am still a workslave I will do my weekday trainings on Zwift and my weekend races and technic training on the crossbike.
Here is the question: would I benefit from the datagathering from my races by installing a powermeter on my crossbike. I am hesative because
of the powerspray cleaning during and after the cross
will affect the powermeter (Stages probably).
Please your advice and recommendations.

To answer your question, while a power meter is not necessary it is a nice thing to have. I have had a Stages one sided power meter for three seasons of muddy racing/power washing and winter/spring training rides in Wisconsin and outside of changing the battery, it has worked like a champ. If you have the means to I would not hesitate adding one. On my next cross bike I won’t hesitate to get another one.

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Thx jusmooit for your reply. But I am still curious about the benefits of the extra data from races on my trainingplans

If you want the most complete data set, record power from every pedal stroke from every bike, including races. Races are usually where you produce you best numbers

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Thx Frank, allready ahead of you😁
Ordered a Stages Ultegra gen3 last night.

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atta way! Did you order from ExcelSports with your FasCat discount?!

No, as I am a Dutch guy, I ordered locally in the Netherlands

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