Six Weeks till CX Mega Thread w/ Updated Links & Podcast Video!

This thread is for anyone using the “Six Weeks TILL Cyclocross” training plan :slight_smile:

Recently BikeRadar changed the location of the dismounting and remounting skills tip that I was in. The updated links are:

How to Remount:

How to Dismount:

Try to get in 10,000 dismounts and remounts in your cyclocross career!

And just as a reminder - here is the Foundations video from Dr. Eric Goodman:

Do this everyday - no back pain, ever

Do you have a good clip on cornering, particularly tight cornering?

Just watched the podcast and it was great! I do have a question: on the 30/30’s wkts, and maybe other hard wkts am I able to add another set if feeling good? Doing lots of the uci races, I feel like I’m turning inside out every time, hoping to make that more manageable this year lol

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Hey @rossblount listen to this podcast dedicated to cornering in cyclocross :white_check_mark:

Don’t add another set @larsonvelo [#FtFP] but do go harder and make more watts :boom:

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Here is the podcast video for the visual learner. If you plan on following this plan, I am walking you thru #FtFP’ing day by day in the pod/video here:


Listened to the podcast and purchased the plan! Looking forward to adding a bit more structure in the last few weeks. First race is 4 weeks out. Performance-wise, my focus is 6+ weeks out.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great resources!

Frank D.

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Awesome! Thanks & g’luck #FtFP’ing - if you have any questions, ask them here !

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Quick question about the CX Run Workout #2. It the first line it says 2 sets of 5x20 hill repeats, but in the description it says 2 sets at race pace, and then 2 sets full gas. Should it say 4 sets at the top? The duration is only 20 minutes.

2 sets - sorry for the typo.

I’m enjoying the change of pace in the 6weeks to CX plan from the sweet spot plan. I’m feeling the gains and getting psyched to race.

I am wondering how to adapt nutritionally switching from base to race efforts. What are your thoughts about fueling for the high intensity work in this plan?

I get where you think you need to eat differently because now you are going from sweet spot to harder efforts but nutritionally it is not that complicated. You still want to eat the same and listen to your body. Win in the Kitchen with plenty of vegetables and greens and of course carbohydrate is KING.

Monitor your recovery and your power output + your race performances but by a large I do not recommend cyclocross switch styles of nutrition just because they start going hard :slight_smile:

From Masters Athlete Chris:

I have just purchased your “6 weeks to cx” training plan, after listening to your podcasts, should I makes any adjustments to the workouts as I am a “masters” athlete?

Many thanks

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Hi Chris - as long as you choose the intermediate or basic version of the plan no changes are necessary bc they are designed for masters aged athletes.

#FtFP and you should be all good, good luck with your season!


Thanks for the advice @FRANK!

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I had mechanicals tonight before I could do my two hot laps. Should I try to get them in tomorrow?

Really enjoying this training plan. Had to shift everything a week due to a crazy few days… but getting as much work done as I can.

I did yesterday’s Z2 endurance with 5 second sprints on the trainer(Tacx NEO) last night on the “B” bike. Stayed seated for the sprints. Streamed on Twitch… here’s the replay:

Thanks again for the great resources! Looking forward to adding Cyclocross Intervals next month!

CX starts next weekend in Roanoke, VA!

Frank D.

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Okay wow I have never seen this ‘Twitch’ - what is it & how’d you do this? Pretty cool.

For the sprints - go ahead and get out of the saddle to give 'er even more. Might help you make more watts! I think you could crack 1,000w out of the saddle.

Love me some Roanoke area - grew up nearby - good luck at GoCross!

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Hey Coach @FRANK! Just looked at your bio, and saw you went to HSC, I went to Longwood!

Twitch is a streaming platform, mainly for gamers… but quite a few people stream Zwift now(I don’t game otherwise). For the set up, it’s really just a PC(with a decent graphics card), webcam, green sheet(optional for chroma key) and OBS Studio as my streaming software to Twitch. Streaming can be motivating, especially if you’ve got viewers chatting/interacting.

Tweaked my back Wednesday, so I was a bit hesitant to sprint fully out of the saddle (1400+ watts)… still managed to peak at 1024 seated though!

Roanoke is great, not quite the altitude of Asheville… but the riding and cost of living is amazing. I’m looking forward to racing GO Cross, but will be more focused on making sure everything is running smoothly!

Have a great weekend all!

Frank D.

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Really enjoying this Regeneration Week so far(especially after many long days leading up to and throughout GO Cross)!

I have a question regarding Friday’s openers, Saturday’s training race/first cx race/Z6 1 minuters and Sunday’s 2:00 Z2.

I’ll be racing Sunday instead of Saturday. Any advice to rearrange the weekend? Openers Friday and Z2 on Saturday? Sunday’s race will certainly be tough (anticipating going head to head against another Roanoke-based Fascat!).

Thanks in advance!

Frank D.

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Two days the race is your off day and then Openers the day before - that’s the goto set in stone rule of thumb.

Good luck! It’ll be a FasCat::FasCat battle royale!