Sis Weeks to Sweet Spot Basic Part 1

I just completed the Six Weeks to Sweet Spot Basic Part 1. I am a 69 yr. old masters cyclocrosser. Coming into the spring my FTP was a low 177. After completing this plan I tested at 187! That is 2.67/wkg… That may seem modest to many, but it is a nice early season bump for me. I am going to start Part 2 next after a rest week. I will follow that with Part 3 and then Six Weeks to Cyclocross and In Season plans. I am Looking for more improvement in my FTP and and a successful season of CX racing this fall. My CX race age is 71 for 2021! I am also having a blast FTFPing!


Well done @john.dunn - congrats on the improvement!

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After sweet spot part 2 , move into our Cyclocross Summer Sweet Spot plan:

and then the traditional plan progression:

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