Single speed training and riding

What are your thoughts on single speed road and mtb training and riding in the off season to try and build muscle…will it work or does it interfere with building cardio ?..thanks for your time

Power is power. During our resistance training program and fall foundation we include muscle tension intervals, big gear sprint work seated, and seated starts which are to help build strength and simulate what you would do with a single speed. Don’t need the whole ride to be single speed. Only having one gear leaves you limited to factors of course, wind and etc. But with gears you can choose the cadence you want to work at for particular durations.

Cycling is dynamic so having more explosive movements is more beneficial and you find that with the big gear sprints and seated sprints during the resistance training program.

But if you have one and mixing it in as a freestyle strength workout maybe a fun way to get some strength work. But I wouldn’t do it on a daily basis.

I agree with what @Jake stated and wanted to add a bit. If you do challenging mtb rides on
your single speed, and do it consistently, once or twice a week, during the off-season it will translate to more power. It also incorporates a ton of upper body muscles, too. You can get all the same work accomplished on geared bikes and in the weight room, but some times riding the single speed is just dang fun!

I will incorporate it a couple days a week for sure, thanks for all the time and advice