Show us your #dadwatts!

Hey FasCats!
For fathers day, we want to celebrate by posting pictures of all our Fast Dad’s out there. To do this, we need your help and are asking for you all to submit pictures of you riding with your dad, your kid(s) or even one of you riding solo throwing down the #dadwatts!

When you post a picture (either here, on instagram or facebook) you will be entered into our contest to win $1000 worth of Chase Level Coaching! ⁠

Deadline for entries is 11am on Sunday Morning.⁠

Looking forward to seeing lots of pics that put a smile on peoples faces!! ⁠


This is at Ruts n Guts CX in 2020… they do a fun lap for the kids! My daughter had just switched to a pedal bike and was constantly yelling “don’t let go!!” After the fun lap I hopped on my bike to get my warmup in.


This DEFINITELY made me smile!!

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21 years ago:

Next door neighbor rocking #dadwatts on a tandem!

They grow up so fast, next thing you know they are off to college and smack talking about you on Snapchat:

Back at ya daughter #1, as they #StrugCity on a Bikes, Burgers, and Beers (BBB) tour of Ketchum and Hailey:


Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!


The snapchat one though :joy::joy::joy:

Looks like they started early and are still enjoying time on bikes with their dad! Those are memories that will last forever!

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Right?! And that snap was a couple days before the actual Death Ride where I went from zero (no bike) to hero (5 pass finisher) in 7 months!

We have a lot of fun with pics, here is one as I’m falling asleep at the kitchen counter, waiting for dinner after a particular tough group ride:

Courtesy daughter #2 :joy:

Last July I made them do an fun hike at Squaw Valley, and by ‘fun’ I mean leaving the shade of Shirley Canyon for the hot sun to scramble up granite slabs and reach Granite Chief wilderness area. The upper mountain views of Lake Tahoe are sublime :mountain: The next day I was a good dad and got them e-Bikes for easy cruising around the lake and back to Olympic Valley:


Last summer we celebrated my daughter’s birthday in Chicago during the height of the shutdown. We had the paths all to ourselves and had quite a fun day on the rental bikes. Of course, I recorded heart rate and tracked my hrTSS because, well, you know…


Here’s to all the dads training at 8:30 at night during the week after their kids go to bed! The money you save on sunscreen can go straight to their college savings right?


The family went for a warm-up ride around the park today before seeing me off on today’s endurance. Also, a drop is a drop…right? #dadwatts


I know I’m late to the party but I’m still going to post a picture I’m proud of!! :sweat_smile:. This past Saturday it was criterium state championships here in PA. I’ve been racing in the cat 5 category for 2 years (only doing 2-3 crits per year). I have mostly 2nd and 3rd place finishes in these races but I’ve been using my time in cat 5 and fitness to play with different scenarios and strategies to understand the discipline before upgrading. This past weekend i was finally able to take the top step as my family and friends cheered me on. I went on a solo break with 5 laps to go and was able to hold off the field. a perfect way to spend Father’s Day weekend. So here is a picture of me and my family.


Congrats on the win Chad. Hard work and consistency (aka FtFP’ing :wink:) pay off!!!


Thanks! And no doubt about ftfp’ing. I race crits just for fun when there’s no xc races happening. I just switched from a mtb marathon plan to the in-season xc interval plan and I can’t wait to get into it. I finished 2nd at my first cat 1 mtb race the other week and I’m just starting to fine tune, can’t wait to see what this plan does for me and look forward to the remainder of the season.


Does this count? We did some father/son wrench time and then he decided to open a “bike shop” in which he sold my stuff back to me in exchange for a popsicle. given the current supply chain issues, it was a good deal.