#secretTraining: How to Design Your Own Cyclocross Training Course

FasCats - cyclocross is not cancelled - we are just going to take the season off to practice your skills!

To do that you are going to design your own cyclocross course locally and use strava to time yourself and create a leaderboard of your course to challenge your friends.

If you live in a typical suburban area this might be fairly easy to pull off. For others who live in metropolitan area it might be a bit more of a challenge. Either place it can be done, you just need to be creative.

For our purposes here let’s say there are two kinds of courses to design, one for practicing technical skills and the other for working on race fitness. A race fitness course requires a larger area to use and ideally has some elevation to play around with. While maybe not quite as long, this would be similar to real ‘cross race course and is more than 5 minutes per lap. This requires some planning and you would ideally have sections that really test your fitness such as long straightaways through thick grass, 5-15 seconds climbs and of course lots of twists and turns. Many town parks, school grounds and athletic fields can offer this palette, but it does require some creativity.

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