#secrettraining Cyclocross Tips for April (COVID-19 Edition)

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Here are our Ten #secretrraining Cyclocross Training Tips for April (COVID-19 Edition)

1) Ride your bike more. Daylight savings is here. Temperatures are heating up. You’re working from home. Maybe you got furloughed. There are no more excuses. If you want to be good at something you need to do it more. Ride!

2) Run at least once per week. If possible try to run a route with some short hills or stairs, and one that allows you to stay six feet away from everyone. When you get to the uphills or stairs, hit the gas a bit. Sprint to the top using a quick cadence.

3) It’s never too early to think about your race equipment. Did you get a new cyclocross bike yet? Are you going to try tubular tires this season? How about your pedals. Are you happy with how they work for you? Is it time to try a new brand? Is it time for new shoes? Bike shops need your business right now! Some deliver or offer curbside pick up. If there was any time to show love to your local bike shop, now would be the the time!

4) Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self. Are you currently experiencing any aches or pains while on or off the bike? If so, get it taken care of now. You can’t go fast if part of your engine in broken. There must be 18-zillion new apps for yoga, stretching and mobility blowing up your Instagram feed right now. Give one a try to help ease the pain in some troubled areas of your body.

5) Keep drinking water. One gallon a day and maybe more on hot days. You should be visiting the bathroom often and your pee should be clear. How’s that for scientific? There may not be any hand sanitizer or toilet paper left, but there’s still plenty of water. Drink it.

6) Keep up with your stretching. I suggested a simple solution in a previous post, but for many this may not be enough. Try to find at least 15 minutes a few days a week to stretch. Focus on opening up your chest and hip flexors. Riding a bike and sitting at a computer all day will ruin your posture and flexibility. If you watch T.V. in the evening this is a great time to stretch. There’s nothing quite like limbering up with a little Jimmy Fallon on the tube. I know you have time to do this now. It’s just 15 minutes a day. No need to turn it in to grand production. Just do it. (See tip #4 for more suggestions.)

7) It’s time to start dialing in your nutrition. Here is my April tip: decrease your simple sugar intake and increase your real food intake. Try to eat fewer things that come in box, bag, jar or can. Eat fresh when every you can. Winning starts in the kitchen.

Again, you’ve got more time to win in the kitchen. Try some new things. If you’re strapped for cash, now is the time to get creative. Get rid of all the unnecessary crap, eat lots of rice and eggs and lay off the beer.

8) Get a mountain bike. I don’t know many good cyclocross racers who don’t ride a mountain bike in the summer time. I can’t think of a better way to improve your technical riding skills other than riding a mountain bike. Plus, it’s damn fun, which is most important. (See tip #3 to add more value to this tip)

9) Register for a couple of races. Nope, can’t do that. Time for Zwift and perhaps Strava if it doesn’t get you busted by the cops.

10.) Get pumped. Well, not really, but you should be doing some strength training a couple of times per week. If you are looking for a great plan check this one out our SECRET TRAINING OFF SEASON STRENGTH BUILDING PLAN, This includes strength training, agility, yoga and on-the-bike training, too. Now is the time to get on a plan. #crossiscoming Will you be ready?

Oh, and don’t forget your planks!

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I got a question, ultimate goal was cx season. But, I was gonna do lost &found gravel race as a summer fitness builder using gravel training plan. That was canceled. I’m just finishing ss part 2, would continuing and doing gravel plan or instead switch to ss part 3(w/ your cx tips put in there) be better? Or something else to fill that 6 week block before the summer cx plan in June?

Sweet Spot training right now is your friend. Use this time to build and develop and bigger aerobic engine. Shoot for a higher CTL in TrainingPeaks.

To answer your questions sweet spot part 3 is my/our recommendation (instead of the gravel plan, for the time being) :

Thank you @FRANK , one more question: I started weights through Jan. Then starting Feb did ss part 1, now ending ss part 2. Would doing ss part 3 and summer cx plan, be too much sweet spot? From what I read it didn’t seem thats an issue, but at the same time thats 24 weeks of sweet spot and just don’t wanna hit a plateau.

Sweet Spot Part 3 now > then CX Summer Sweet Spot June and Six Weeks till CX Aug. 1st.

For CX here are some other options (you could do secretTraining at home strength & conditioning)