Second week of a plan

Just stopping in to say I’m stoked with the plan so far. It’s the In Season Xc Intermediate plan and I was just kind of riding around before trying to do things that would resemble training. Today I fully realized how much more I can push when trying to stick to a plan.
There’s a hill I use for climbing practice and it usually takes about 10-12min. My workout today was MTB race start simulation which calls for a progressive all out start down to sweet spot over 10min. I reached the top of this hill and had about 2 minutes left on my time and had to swing over to a side hill off the main trail. Just knowing I had to keep pushing to correctly complete the training made me realize how much faster I could go. I felt like falling over at the top but now that I’m home and cleaned up it was a great session. Looking forward to the first session of tabatas tomorrow morning!