SDSR and BWR in 2020 as A-Races, Possible?

Greetings FasCat! I am a masters athlete, 55 years old, with racing both MTB and Road in my background. Sat/Sun rides are typically at home in the mountains (~5K’), weekday training is done at work (~2K’). 8-12 hours a week (intermediate) of training has been typical. Gravel is the next adventure for me.

I am coming up on the end of the 32-week plan. I unfortunately started he plan late due to Phil’s Fondo (and the plan for the fondo) last year. I wanted to build some experience with the 32-week FasCat plan in preparation for next year. I have 2 A races next year, the San Dimas Stage Race (late March) and BWR. (early May) These could not be further apart in terms of training and closely spaced in time.

My original idea was to listen, experience several plans which I have, then construct a plan myself for next year using the races as anchors. Then this coaching option came about which is perfect for me.

On to my question, what to do next? This year is a build year for next year with the stated goals for next year above. Thanks for the help!


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Welcome Kip! You got a good plan in place for the next 3-5 weeks taking your CTL up to 79

The question I’d have for you is what (if any) are your goals from July thru say Phil’s Fondo?

Thanks for the quick response Frank! That is an excellent question and ties back to having a plan. There will be some races that crop up and certainly some pretty hard weekend group rides but nothing targeted. Bottom line, build for next year.

BTW, the dip in mid-April was unfortunate and unavoidable. I was hoping to be up over 80 at the end of this plan.

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