Saturday race cancelled what to do


Looking for some input on a suggested workout due to changes in my weekend race schedule. The Saturday race has been cancelled due to weather but I’m still racing Sunday - 50 mile road race. I was originally scheduled for openers on Friday but I assume I do those on Saturday now instead. So what do I do on Friday?

Also, would it be okay to add on some extra Z2 miles on Saturday or should I just do the one hour opener workout. It’s feeling like a low volume week now and I just had a recovery week 2 weeks ago.

never got a reply. ended up doing criss cross tempo/sweet spot 4 x 10 on Friday and openers with some extra endurance miles on Saturday. felt pretty fresh the whole race and took field sprint for 4th in a “B” race so worked out pretty good.


Hey @jamesstevens - we were all out of the office for the weekend. But sounds like you made a good call. Congrats on a solid race!!!

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