Salvaging Sweet Spot Part 2

Good afternoon, I have purchased a monthly coaching service subscription in the hopes that I would receive help with salvaging my Sweet Spot Part 2 training block. I was approaching the end of week 5. However, my rear derailleur malfunctioned and was not able to complete Sunday’s 2 hour ride, nor the intervals for week 6. I originally planned on having a free unstructured 7th week while riding at similar intensities as the weeks prior, then another regen week during the 8th week, and eventually complete a field test as I start Sweet Spot Part 3. I would greatly appreciate if I can get help with restructuring my week(s) for the latter part of SS2 in order to get back on track. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ivan,

I am taking care of it now!


Thank you, I greatly appreciate it.

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