Role of Sweet Spot 4 with new training plans

I listened to the podcast about the new 16 week sweet spot plan, which I will probably invest in since I originally just got the basic level 18 weeks and will need the intermediate now.

In the podcast it sounded like the new 16 week plan included some of sweet spot 4 in it. Will the Sweet Spot 4 plan I purchased still have a role in the progression after 1,2,3 or will the new plan provide enough of 4 to move on immediately to intervals or event training?

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Hi @theodore.powers e - short answer yes: you can do the 16 weeks of Sweet Spot and then sweet spot part 4.

After the 16 weeks you may evaluate what you need: more aerobic endurance or need to switch from base to race with an event coming up.

If the later - move onto intervals. If the former do SST Part 4


@FRANK - what if you aren’t training for anything in particular because all races have been cancelled :sob: . The goal is to stay fast for group rides that are allowed to continue and be ready for when racing commences. What would your advice be upon completion of the older SS18 week plan?

Hi @Yogi - you want to think and train ‘annually’ looking towards 2022.

Races will be happening next April (I bet) so you want to go into training for next year. Don’t train for next month train for next season! Our training for 2022 guide lays it all out :slight_smile:

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