Road Racing in Season Training Plan - Advanced


I bought this plan, I want to start it today
I have a race on Sunday I didn’t understand what I have to do on Thursday Friday and Saturday?

also for the other weeks?

So to build a prebuilt plan based on racing it is tough as we can’t specifically put the races on the corresponding days.

So what you want to do is two days before the race is take the OFF or active recovery day. The day before the race do the race openers. Don’t do the workouts that are on the race day. The race itself will replace the workouts.

If you want a prebuilt plan built more around your racing schedule check out our coaching subscription! We can do a one time plan adjustment.

Since this is your first time with our plan here is an example of what you could do this week

Since racing on Sunday you will do race openers on Saturday, active recovery or off on Friday. Then Thursday you could just do a zone 2 ride. However since only racing once this weekend you could slide Sunday’s 30 second efforts to Wednesday and tempo to Thursday. Though that might be much. A simple zone 2 ride on Thursday would work as well. Kind of depends on the importance of Sundays race. Doing the intervals on Wednesday would fatigue you a bit more. The reason for moving the 30 second efforts to Wednesday as opposed to Thursday is that it is good to do higher intensity intervals first. Tempo isn’t overly hard.

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Thanks for answer , i understand the concept

hi Jake ,
just to better understand you just give me an example of the second week?

Are you racing the second week?

no , i have race 14 July the third , but just for understand what should I do if I decide to do the race
or you would tell me all the weeks or I understand what to do

Really can’t explain it much differently. To give you what you should do that would be coaching. Again you can check out our coaching subscription for more detail in rearrange a prebuilt plan. Or of course our one on one coaching.

If you race take the day before and do the ‘race openers’ workout. Two days before is an ‘off or active recovery’ day.

If you don’t race. Do the workouts that are labeled (IF YOU DON’T RACE).

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will always remain the same.

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