Riding with different teams

I have a question regarding riding on different teams,

I am currently in a local racing team in my area and they have a bike shop where I have deals on any type of bikes,
And this winter I signed up for another team which I didn’t expect them to recruit me but they did, (they give deals on their clothing)

Now I wonder if I can be in 2 teams, like racing in one team and riding with another. They are both in different provinces but i feel a little awkward. What kind of questions should I ask myself if i have to decide which team I want to be?


In the US at least you can have different clubs for different disciplines (Mountain, Road, Cross etc…), but if you are just road racing, then only one club can be on the license. I do know some folks who race on a certain team, but are members of other clubs just to race in their club member events, train with or to help support them financially. As long as you’re upfront shouldn’t be an issue. Though, if the first club was counting on you to race it could be awkward, especially if you haven’t said anything yet.

Usually a team that is giving you clothing and deals will like you to be wearing their clothing all the time. You’re best to be with the team you plan on racing with.

Even though I am not on other teams, I ride with other teams quite frequently! Cycling is a great community and regardless of team most are happy to have you along for a ride!