Reverse Tabatas

I am on week 3 of the Sweet Spot Polarization program, and I see that there is something called reverse Tabatas on the horizon. But when I read the workout description below it seemed like a reverse Tabata.

The 1:2 work to rest ratio helps you make & develop more power than the traditional TABATAS

But the workout itself is 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, which seems like a traditional Tabata.
Am I confused? Well I’m definitely confused, I hope you can help unconfuse me.


Great question. You should be doing 20 seconds ON and 40 seconds OFF. That is reverse tabata. The idea is to allow you more recovery to hit higher power numbers with each effort. The whole premises of this plan. Fresher so you can go full gas!

Looking at the workout builder in the plan and it does seem that it is labeled 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. However if you look closely under the 10 second easy label it shows the interval is in fact 40 seconds in duration.


Excellent and Thank you.