Restart after 10 day vacay

Hey guys.
How to resume my strength plan after a 10 day vacation?

I completed hypertrophy phase on the 10 week strength plan. Thanks

Curious on this too. Have a 5 day vacation coming up in Feb

Remember to always work backwards from your main goals. You will need 6 weeks of interval training before an A event along with ideally at least 12 weeks of base (sweet spot) training. So if this allows I would recommend doing one week of adaptation phase before starting back with the strength training. This way you give yourself a week to get use to lifting again before going full steam. Unless you can find a gym to lift at during your vacation then you can just start right back where you left off. During the strength phase you do want to be able to do the sprints after as that transition what you do in the gym to on the bike. Making it very cycling specific.