Rest week after plan

Maybe an obvious question with an obvious answer, but…

In all plans, there are “recovery weeks.

My question is, are these weeks synonymous with “rest weeks,” or should I also be taking a full rest week (no bike at all, or very nominal “active recover” riding) at the end of a plan?

Here, I will finish the 18 weeks of sweetspot plan at the end of next week, then plan to transition to either HC intervals or indoor-outdoor plan. As such, I’d just like an idea if I should take a one week break between, or just bang through!

Hey @xDOMx !

Rest weeks should have a bout 30-40% less work than your typical training weeks.

If you like, you can either jump into your interval plan and then move the rest week up from week 4 to week 2. That will keep you with the 1 week off, 3 week on format. However, if you are not short on time (e.g. dont have a race coming up) and you are feeling fatigued (fatigue and form are a good indicator here), then you can take a rest week (copy the last one from week 16) and then jump into your interval plan without changing any of the weeks around.

Hope that helps!


That’s great and thanks for the rapid response, @Lacey_Rivette

As it is, I will probably switch the weeks as suggested (week 4 to week 2) and that seems really sensible (especially taking into account my current form and fatigue).

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