Resistance Training


Is there riding prescribed during the 10- week resistance training? If so, can you describe what it is? If not, why not? I don’t see it in the plan description.

As background to my questions, I’m coming to the end of my riding season at my target level of CTL. After completing my A event 6-weeks ago, I did another 6 weeks of SS3 as suggested in response to an earlier question on the forum to keep my fitness up for a variety of long group and gravel rides on the weekends. That’s worked out well. I’m now planning a two-week break as you suggest at the end of the SS3.

It looks like you recommend a 3-week “Foundation” period of Zone 2 type training after the break focused on “building an aerobic base to raise your CTL and the all-important muscle tension intervals”. Is this part of the 10-week resistance training or happen before it?

I expect the 2-week layoff followed by the 3-week Foundation will leave me well below my target CTL but that’s cool as I’ll get back to it with base building over 18 weeks of SS1/2/3 before going into specialization. But if I go 10 weeks without riding, I’ll piss away all my aerobic fitness built this year in exchange for strength training. Your chart in the weight lifting for cycling training tip ( shows the fall foundation starting at 25% of peak. Not sure if “peak” is target CTL but I assume they are similar fitness levels before starting specialization and maintaining CTL. If so, I’m way above that level now so why start the Foundation assuming so far off peak/target CTL?

Unless I’m misunderstanding the plans (entirely possible), why let the fitness go back down so low during the weight/resistance training? Are you saying you’ve got to focus on either weight training or aerobic/anaerobic training during the offseason?


Hi @steve2 - there’s a lot of riding - read and watch this training tip and podcast, we lay it all out and explain everything for you:

Also in the off season don’t be getting greedy with your CTL - let it drop, that’s all part of your annual periodization.