Resistance Training Workout - Foundation PLan

I have put together a workout for Monday and Friday based on the foundation plan but also includes some added core strength. My question is will this suffice for the Monday and Friday workouts, but also work for strength training with something more robust like the 32 week plan. I dont have access to a gym, but have a stability ball, resistance bands, medicine ball and balance board-

Yoga 30 min
Bridge Lifts 15 reps slow and controlled
Superman 5x10 second hold each side
Boat Pose 3x20 seconds (increase time as strength increases)
PLank 3x30 using balance board and movement
Hydrant 10x 35 second hold each side
Hamstring Curls with stability ball 15 reps
Skate 10x35 second hold each side


This is a great circuit for dynamic training and stability work. But you are missing the ability to do any larger lifts that are targeting building larger muscle groups to increase power.

Big Cat @FRANK and @Jackson just did a Ask FasCat podcast episode about just this so I would check that out and I think it will help give some direction.

Thank you Isaiah. I listened to the podcast and it helped me with a few things. I know leg presses and squats are critical to build solid muscle… might have to get creative. Thank you!

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