Resistance program

Hey Frank, I was just curious what your recommendation was for the resistance program for athletes like myself who either have a weightlifting background or went through the program previously.

I feel like the “adaptation” portion may not really be 100% necessary as far as starting with such low weights. Please let me know what you think on this as I’m moving to the gym to start my resistance program on 10/12/20

The Adaptation Phase is :100:% necessary whether you are an elite athlete or new to weight lifting for 2 primary reasons:

#1 trains your body (muscles, ligaments, tendons) for the heavier lifting coming up in the next phases

#2 help you set an accurate 1RM

You can’t just jump into the heavy lifting in the Hypertrophy phase… also #FtFP :wink:

FTFP for sure @FRANK!

I wasn’t meaning jump in to lifting heavy. Was just curious if starting with a light weight but more than just the bar would be more beneficial if the athlete already has the background in place.