Resistance plan, weight and meal plan

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I’ve notice my weight has risen in the last 6 weeks. Currently on the advanced resistance plan (week 2) after a two week break. Thinking about adopting the meal plan to see if I would to drop some weight. Would this be right choice while on the resistance plan?

Currently I Weigh 207lbs though in August I was 193lbs. I’m 6ft 3 inches

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You can most definitely use the plan while resistance training!
In the grocery list for the higher body weights I have included notes for athletes who are resistance training to consume a protein powder after finishing up at the gym. That is because their protein needs will be higher than athletes simply doing base miles or for those who weigh 150 lb. It is not included in the meal plan itself however, as the days in the gym change throughout the plan. So if you do get on the plan, just be sure you are having that after finishing up at the gym.

Thus, by ensuring you consume enough protein and at the right times, the meal plan will support consistent and sustainable weight loss while not undermining the work you are doing in the gym. In fact, it will support it :muscle:t3:

Thank you Lacy - just purchased the plan. Will have to adapt a bit to fit with the family but looks great.

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Hi Lacy

Instead of tofu, can I use quorn?


If you have used the quorn grounds in the past and tolerate them okay, I would say that they are an okay substitute for tofu every now and then. This suggestion is in reference to just the grounds though, as the majority of quorn products contain added sodium, numerous fillers/flavorings and in some cases added sugar.

For those athletes who might be curious about quorn products, the main ingredient in these products is a protein called “mycoprotein” which is formed from fermenting a fungus with water, some minerals and carbohydrates derived from corn and wheat. Detailed explanation here.

Needless to say it is a pretty complex ingredient to make, so I would not exactly label them as an “unprocessed food.” Despite that, mycoprotein is a lot more sustainable compared to animal products, so as a dietitian who is also concerned the environment I give them some bonus points there.

I will also note that quorn products contain egg, so they are not vegan and contain barley malt extract which means they are not suitable for anyone who is celiac or has a diagnosed gluten allergy.


Incredible answer Lacy


Hi Lacy, just a point of clarification. Under snacks where it list a few items, does I have to choose one or can I have them all? Hoping the later :crossed_fingers:

The snacks listed are meant to be eaten together and you have an AM and a PM snack.
So for example here, you would have your AM snack (ideally after your saturday training ride) and it would be a banana with almond butter a drizzle of honey and granola :slight_smile:

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