Regeneration Weeks


So I always FtFP, but my race schedule does not necessarily align with the given plan. For example, if I am planning a CX season, some races fall on regeneration weeks, while others fall on regular build weeks. Is one preferred over the other. I’ve done both and have had great results either way, just curious your thoughts.

I usually race on on Sundays.

One step further, if I just come off a regeneration week, and the very next week is full tilt, with an A race. Do I still wanna taper at all (following the regeneration week) for that A race? Asking for a friend…

For training plan revisions around races you have on your calendar check out our $39 coaching subscription - perfect for what you asking for help here with.

The answer to your question lies in analyzing your PMC chart and that is included in your coaching subscription! We’ll analyze CTL an most specific to your question - your TSB as it relates to your question: take another rest week or not

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