Regaining Souplesse

Getting back after structured training (FC client) after some serious surgery and approximately 3 years of no structure although riding (mostly twaddling) as I was able. FTP was previously 320-360 depending on season and is now about 260.

My specific concern is lacking muscle synchronicity (muscle firing patterns) that are making it difficult to ride at higher revs — I previously favored 90-100 rpm in doing higher watt efforts and now feel that I’m thrashing when I raise the revs above 75rpm.

Anyone had similar issues/experience?

I see this often (and even experience it myself). I suspect as you get fitter, your cadence will creep slowly back up to what you’re used to seeing.

As long as you’re responding to training and FTP is going up, I wouldn’t worry about it.


Thanks Christian — I previously was very smooth with my stroke and can’t remember ever feeling this much of a “thrash” with pedaling.

Coach @Jake will provide plenty of neuromuscular work for you this off season working on your leg speed with cadence targets.

He may even give you some old skool advice to ride the rollers - which facilitate high cadences . Just a hunch :wink:

Looking forward to it — all good so far.

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