Recovery shower

Is there any product to use in the shower? or possibly after?
i thought it would be nice to put some sort of body wash on the legs after long days both at work and on the bike. I work long days as well on my feet 12-14 hours and just looking for something to help make me feel a little refreashed

AmpHuman PR Lotion is pretty good. Might be an option for what you are looking for.

After a hard ride, this is my go to recovery plan:
A shower with Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap as my body wash. It leaves your feeling clean as a whistle and has a cooling sensation that I love… especially in the summer. Note: Be sure to dilute it!!
Then I do about 30 minutes in the Normatec compression boots. After that for any specific spots I will use Seven points CBD body repair balm. I am not sure if the CBD in it actually works, but I can say for sure that the menthol gives a nice cooling sensation and the eucalyptus smell relaxes me… so I am a fan!

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perfect!!! That is exactly what i was searching for some products that have those menthol or cooling sensations!!

You rock :metal:

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No creams or ointments but contrast showers (alternating hot/cold) for about 15 minutes has been shown to increase perceived rate of recovery/freshness post exercise and in true cold water therapy (CWT), perceived muscle soreness was reduced.

No indication that it actually reduced recovery time but feeling good post workout is worth a lot! On an anecdotal level, I find contrast showers make me feel much better, particularly after higher intensity sessions.

AmpHuman lotion is generally used pre workout, it helps dull the pain.

Bend36 do a product called Light Legs which is supposed to help in recovery. Personally I’ve always found that as with most, it is more mental than science.