Recording non cyclling Data

Hi there, been cycling for the last 5 years (am in the masters division) but am new to Training Peaks as am looking for a plan to follow and improve. Been interesting to listen to your podcasts and learn a bit about the TSS.

My question centres around TSS, at present I am recording all my rides on TP and just following the simple ATP there to get used to how it works.

However, I have a fitbit watch which also can record my walks to work (30m x 4) and any other exercise I do. Not sure whether to call it exercise as its a “normal” walk. However if I do add them my TSS will go up by maybe 200 per week even though its not cycling related. This causes issues when I have my rest weeks as its nearly half of my TSS and leaves little time for cycling.

Is the recording of these “walks” advised or better only record the cycling.

You can record for your information and this way you can look to back to see how it may or may not effect your cycling performance.

In TrainingPeaks you can look at your performance manager chart that includes only cycling data and one that includes all recorded work. So you do have the option to have both and see what it looks like either way.

But the only TSS that you really can quantify into helping cycling is from cycling.

Thanks for the quick answer.

Would you therefore suggest recording the “walking workouts” but taking out the TSS data being transferred from the Fitbit watch?

I would make sure that in my performance manager chart that only cycling activities were included. So you can still record and keep TSS if you’d like.

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So is there a way for this data to be also taken out of the ATP planner tab.

Honestly not sure. But if that is what you really are looking for just don’t record the TSS. We all do thing throughout the day that would accumulate TSS, maybe not specific walk, but don’t include it into the training. I know Whoop will look at your daily strain but again this does not go into TrainingPeaks. Just a way for you to see what you do for the day, how it maybe effecting your training and your recovery.

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Thanks for your help.


you bet @Rockdel - and welcome to our forum. Here’s a video I recorded on TSS

All of our training plans come with TSS already planned out with TSS and Coach @Jake is right: don’t include non cycling activities to your PMC Chart. This includes weight lifting, yoga, strength and conditioning and walking.

Aerobic activities like running and swimming yes; but walking , I wouldn’t consider aerobic (HR > 120bpm)

Wow, that’s Perfect CTL ramp rate.