Recommended Rice Cake Recipe

A listener question that I thought I’d share because this is the recipe that we recommend for your rice cakes, from Dr. Allen Lim founder of Skratch Labs:


APRIL 25, 2019 - 10:35 - REPLY

I have been enjoying the nutrition posts. I really enjoyed the plant based nutrition too! My question concerns rice cakes. I have seen several recipes for rice cakes and in each one there is a high fat binder, usually almond butter but I have also seen cream cheese. Do these not gum up the gut? Wouldn’t the same principle apply to add-ins like bacon?


APRIL 26, 2019 - 11:33 - REPLY

Awesome Jenny! Here is the one and ONLY rice cake recipe we recommend:

There are no high fat binders, almond butters, cream cheeses, etc… No bacon in this recipe either , just the GO FAST Stuff

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This look delicious, and a must try, but Is this the correct link? This recipe contains both almond butter and bacon. Two of my favorite things by the way.

You are right, I posted the WRONG recipe : here is the correct one , sorry no almond butter or bacon :frowning:

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Anyone know if these rice cakes can be frozen for later and then thawed out?

Update: I froze the batch and thawed out some for last weekend’s ride. It works. They are better fresh, but freeze-thaw is doable.