Rebecca's Private Idaho Training Plan?

from training plan athlete Amy:

I’m looking for suggestions on a training plan to prepare for RPI Queens Stage Race in August/September.

So far this year I have completed your 10 week off season weight training plan, and 1 week ago completed the 6 week sweet spot part 2 intermediate plan. Last week I attended Rebecca Rusch Gravel Academy and now looking for a plan to begin so I am prepared for 3 tough days of gravel cycling.

Thanks for your help,


Hi Amy - thanks for your question and being on our plans. Check out our Gravel Plan -and especially the most recent reviews. We had an athlete finish 20th (!) following that plan as well as several others that rode sub 14 hour times. This plan will be good training for RPI.

Begin that plan mid-July six weeks prior to RPI. Inbetween now and then you could complete your sweet spot training with build # 3.

Hope that helps - good luck!

Sounds like a fantastic plan!! Thanks for the quick response and the training plan advice. Will begin SS plan part 3 today :slight_smile:

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