Ramp rate of plan

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I’m just finishing up my 3rd year of the weight lifting plan and I have to say I’m still seeing strength gains and look forward to the time dedicated to lifting each cycle.

I’m getting ready to put in the Summer SS plan and looking at the ramp rate for the plan and then flat no ramp when I got into the 6 weeks until cross plan.

My CTL after week 1 of Summer SS is 59, then 64, 72, 67, 62,75,80.

I plug in 6 weeks to cross and stay at 80 CTL until the last week of the plan. Then it goes to 84.

I plug in CX Interval plan and It stays at CTL 85 until the in season race plan and then goes down per the plan from there.

Seems like the ramp rate is going to be to high and realistically unachievable for a 50 year old working man. Is this the designed ramp rate with having these plans going from one to the other?

In the previous years I had a gravel race planned out and did a different lead into the CX specific plans.

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The separate 6 week plans are built as just a single plan. We have longer 12 and 24 week cyclocross plans that look at the season more as a whole. So the ramp rates might be off going from one plan to the next, especially jumping around.

Ideally your ramp rates will be 5 - 8 points per week max. Maybe on the lower end being 50 years old. But still getting up into the 80s before the cross season starts should be your goal. Then hovering around 70 once the season begins. That is ideal for someone your age.



It might take some manual editing to make sure rest weeks line up between plans and etc.


Thank you Jake. I’ve been doing the 90 CTL for so long I forgot being 50 means a drop. LOL!!!

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