Racing in the middle of 40k TT training plan

So looking ahead, I am training for a 40k TT. Before my “A” race I would like to jump into some of the Cherry Creek TT races and the Morgul Bismark TT as tune ups/and to make sure everything on my TT bike is dialed in. So my question is what to do on the days I plan to race a TT? Do I skip the days workout and use the TT as a training race or do I still complete the workout and do the TT afterwards? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there @bbottoms - since Cherry Creek is on Wednesdays that is pretty much set in stone.

Then enter the MB TT - prolly will get cancelled with the fires.

There you go - move your workouts around your race. You’ll need rest days before your hard threshold TT workouts and openers on Tuesdays for Cherry Creek.

Hope that helps - goooooo fast and be aero like this cheetah:

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This definitely helps.

Thank you

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