Race week 40K TT plan

Questions regarding race week of the 40k TT plan. So the plan is set to race on Saturday. However, the TT is on Sunday. I adjusted the plan to fit the TT on Sunday and the openers the day before. When doing that there is a day of the week left unaccounted for. I fear that too many days off may leave my legs feeling sluggish. Should I just do an easy ride on that Thursday which is the unaccounted for day?

Just for perspective I am currently 3 weeks out and feeling pretty good coming off of regen week. Currently my CTL is 70 and as of this morning my whoop bracelet says I am 95% recovered with the highest HRV I have seen thus far of 41. I do feel like things are starting to fall into place despite my FTP being the same. Although, SS and tempo are feeling much easier and HR is down for both. Race replica this past weekend went well and I was able to break an hour in the 40k despite all the traffic, stop signs, and red lights. I never thought I would be able to break an hour in the 40k so I am pretty happy where I am at. Guess I need an new goal for the real race so thanks FasCat for getting me here!