Race Schedule Change and Adjusting Training Plan

-I’m in week 3 of the 12-week TT plan based on an original race date of 3 May
-The organizers delayed the race to 6 June (5-week delay)
-I planned for a second peak mid-August for a pair of road races (9 & 23 August) with a second 12-week cycle focused on road racing

-New target peak for TT is now 14 weeks out
-Gap between TT peak and road peak is 9-11 weeks out

-How should I adjust my current plan/timeline to peak a month later?
-Which plan do you recommend for the transition/gap from June TT to August RR?


Hi @theodoreehlert - with the race date changed I’d recommend working backwards from the new race date. You can unapply and reapply your plan to line it up per the ‘timing is everything’ podcast.

I will be honest its tough to answer your question in an email format alone because I’m trained to operate and answer using a calendar format. Looking at weeks in relation to races dates and the second part of your question.

After your TT if you are training for a road race that would be our 6 week road race interval plan for sure. Then fill in any gaps with sweet spot training. Hope that helps!

@FRANK Thanks for the response and direction. I appreciate the challenge of email consultation. A couple quick follow-on questions:

–Can I assume early weeks (like 1-4 of a 12-week TT program) are better for extending a timeline? Like the latter weeks are more about tapering and peaking, so to get back on track it would be better to go through Week 5 and restart at Week 1 when I’m 12 weeks out?
–With an added 5 weeks, is there any benefit to a second FTP test? In other words, fully repeating week 1 – or skip the baseline and just #FTFP?

That’s what I mean - I can’t answer those qs in such detail unless I’m able to get into your TrainingPeaks to have a look at what your are talking about.

We have our Coaching Subscription for that if you want help in that regard