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Hello Fascats!

I had a nice little crash at BWR San Diego last weekend and ended up with a grade 2 shoulder separation - boo. I was feeling great until the crash at mile 70. The Hilly Gravel Grinder Plan was great prep! I was planning to do the Intervals for Road Racing Plan next since I had a few local road races over the next couple of months and then Crusher in the Tushar plan to prepare myself for Crusher. I’ve been off of the bike this week, although, I might try a little spin on the trainer today to see how things are feeling. I’ve been advised not to ride outside for 5 more weeks to avoid re-injury. Since I’m starting the Crusher plan May 30, I’m wondering what I should do over the next 3 weeks. I have the 3 plans previously listed, plus Climbing Intervals and Weights + Base. Also, it is Mother’s Day :wink: I could add to my training repertoire if you think it would be better to pull a few weeks out of something else. Lastly, I’m hoping to squeeze in a road or gravel race in the end of June, if that makes a difference.


Good luck…I had a grade 3 two months ago and am recovering surgery…stay in your sling with just one hand on the bar…there’s a great ice wrap called an ice sleeve made here in CA that you can put in one handed…so key…good luck with your recovery!

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Ice sleeve.com take a look as it makes icing your shoulder so ez when at home or out n about