Race during 6-week Hill intervals plan


I’m now on 6-week hill intervals plan and during the second week i have 2 day race. First day is 65km flat and the second 83km with 1380m elevation. My question is there a need to change something in the plan or just to replace the weekend training with both starts.

Thank you!

Yea you will have to edit your plan; here’s how:


Once we roll out our $29 month coaching subscriptions a simple training plan edit by a FasCat Coach will be one of the features.

As a general rule of thumb - two days before the race off, day before the race are openers and then race. You may need to edit the next day if it is a hard workout, unrealistically hard given that you have raced the previous day. That is the art of training plan design, tho -

Thank you for your answer! And i want to ask about the workout “One all climb tester” - how long is needed to be the climb? 6 min as it writes or more?

The one climb all out tester is specific to YOU and your goals. So say you are training for a KOM of race with an 18 minute hill - then do this workout up your best 18 minute hill.

6 minute hill? Choose a 6 minute effort - the idea is to go as hard as you can in a physiologically specific way and that is by choosing the effort specific to your “hill goals” :muscle:

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