Question Phil’s Strava KOM Plan

Viewing second and third weekends of Phil’s Strava KOM Plan (Intermediate). On Saturday it has “Weekend Group Ride” and “Strava Segment Intervals”. Do I pick either one, or do I need to complete both? I typically have a small group ride Saturday mornings with a few stronger riders that dictate the pace (and pain). I end up with a 3 hour ride with 300+ TSS. and a power chart something like this. Power chart1

Granted, I use indoor trainer for FTP and structure, and my outdoor power meter is usually 5-10% higher wattage.

Great plans and looking forward to another fun summer!!!

Thanks in advance.

If you read the pre workout description of the Strava interval workout it says, “Do the Strava Segment Intervals on Saturday or if you prefer a spirited group ride. If you do a group ride today (Saturday) you can do this workout on Sunday.”

So if you do your group ride Saturday then the segments on Sunday instead of the Sunday workout.

Looks like a hard group ride!

Hey Steve, quick question: when was the last time you tested your FTP and/or adjusted it in Training Peaks? On the above power profile chart I’m seeing 60 minutes of zone 7 (all out sprinting), which seems pretty high.

I use a Peloton spin bike indoors for structured training and FasCat plans, so anytime I ride outdoors (with Stages power meter) always is 10% higher. Sorry, graphic is misleading but I am constantly in Z5/Z6 chasing the group and trying to avoid getting dropped. My ftp is 260, theirs are closer to 300. I can hold 250w “all day” outside. Thanks!!!

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3 hours and 300+ TSS is IF of 1.0+.

Stated another way: for you, your group rides are the equivalent of riding at your “inside” FTP for 3 hours straight. By definition, FTP is the power that a person can hold for 40-70 minutes (IIRC). So your FTP is set too low. Or your PM is off more than you think it is. Even if your PM was higher by 10% (giving you NP of 260 or IF=1.0 for three hours, when you’re actually riding at 236 watts normalized), you’d still be at ~0.91 IF for the 3 hours. Not impossible, I guess, but unlikely?

You’re not giving yourself credit for your gainz!

Yeah, I am using a Peloton spin bike that calculates power, it does not measure it. The calibration seems pretty close/accurate to the research I have done online. Next step would be purchase/install power pedals on the Peloton, not sure I want to sink that cost into it as I know I am getting stronger/faster so far.

That’s what it’s all about!

This also wasn’t obvious to me as the pre-activity note does not say that you should choose either the intervals or the group ride and if you choose the group ride then the saturday intervals should replace the sunday workout.

Could be missing something but if you only choose one workout on the Saturday then the average weekly time for intermediate seems a bit low (8hrs exactly), compared to the suggested 8-12hrs/week on the workout introduction?