Question on One All Climb Tester(Hill intervals plan)

In the hill interval 6 week plan there is a workout the first week called One All Climb Tester…
Description(Choose your favorite Climb, ride to it in Zone 2 [or as easy as possible] and go for your PR. Full Gas as hard as you can.

This is a ONE time maximal effort: aka need to go lay in a ditch afterwards :))
check your time for the climb you went for and go back in 5 weeks after this training plan and go for it again!

This is set at a 6 minute effort.
I am looking at improving my 40 - 50 minute climbing effort. ( there are several local hills that take me about that much time to climb.)
Should I change the the time on the test to match? or leave it as is and just #FTfP… ?

Change the plan to match the climbing you are looking to improve on. So if it is 40 - 50 minute effort use this first effort as a test effort that you an compare 6 - 8 weeks later. So do the 40 - 50 minute climb.

For 40 - 50 minutes you will be looking to ride at 100 - 102% of your FTP. You will want to pace yourself and be careful not to ride over that pace early on otherwise you will blow up. So get a good feel early on, but if feeling good after halfway really open up and hit it!


Thanks Jake. I will modify it and go for it!
I’m super excited to be starting the new plan!
I had some great results with the 18wk Sweetspot plan.
Thank you FasCats!!