Question about when to start the 32 week off season training plan?

Last season I began the 32 week training plan at the end of September. This year I’m competing in the Tour of Tucson in late November and I qualified for the Platinum group. I finished in the 160s out of 1000+ last time. This year my goal is top 50. Top 10 is my ultimate goal, although that may not be this year.

I don’t know if I should wait till after TofC to start the 32 week plan? Also, any advice or plans I could use to prepare for the TofC?

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When is your off season and when does your season begin, first A race, etc…

If you are going for something like the Valley of the Sun you want to get start now and train thru the Tour of Tucson.

Unless that is an “A race” and then you want to do our Fondo plan or Road Race Intervals plan

My last crit is in 2 weeks but its not an A race. My first A race in 2019 was a circuit race on February 3rd.
Thank you.

So work backward from Feb 3rd and you want to
#1 take a two week break starting the day after your last race
#2 lift weights (this takes 10 weeks minimum)
#3 build your ‘base’ sweet spot style (allow at least 12 weeks)
#4 perform race specific intervals (allow at least 3 weeks)

You want/need/should do all this before your season begins Feb 3rd.

Thus use our plans to piece together that off season program for yourself.

Weights + base are you biggest off season goals - good luck!


Thank you for your help. I plugged in the race with a target CTL of 85 and then plugged in your 32 week resistance training. The off season training will begin in a few weeks. This is admittedly an early A race but typically we have several good races in February and March as possible A races.
Last question, when you say take a couple weeks off, does that mean no riding at all , or just no structured plan yet?

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2 weeks completely off per our training tip and podcast:

The 32 week plan is not going to be right for you going into the season because you need #4 from my previous post before your season starts.

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Thank you. I’m rethinking my plans. Tour of Tucson is a big personal goal. Therefore, I’m moving my first A race to the end of March next year-Chico Stage Race. I still can’t do the whole 32 week plan though. I can do 1 through 4 with other plans, just well be shorter.
If I’m aiming to have a target CTL for my A race, what would you recommend for a 48 year old Cat 3?

I’d have to get access to your TrainingPeaks data with a Coaching Subscription to give you an answer.

The coaching plan looks pretty reasonable. If I sign up, should I post the question again or refer back to this post?