Question about Most Relevant Training Plan for A Race


End of Aug 2021 I have a 500 mile 3-day stage road race with 30k feet of climbing in Utah (The HooDoo 500). I am considering doing the following below, would this be a good approach or would a different plan or plans be more appropriate for the goal?

Weight Lifting for Cyclists,
18 week Sweet Spot,
SS Polarized,
stage race intervals,
haute route.

Thanks, been listing to the podcasts which a great btw, looking for feedback before I checkout. :slight_smile:


I think this is a good approach. The stage race plan will target your V02 work, TT work, and then shift towards steady efforts. That will really help if you feel like you struggle with those top end efforts.
The Haute route plan will help you with longer sustained climbing efforts which will be specific to the race you are planning to do.

Would be interested to hear @FRANK’s thoughts on which plan should be completed first though! (stage race or haute route)

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actually, after looking more into other race plans, thinking the ‘Tour of Gila’ as a would be more relevant as a template instead of ‘haute route’ as my race is a single TT each day, rather then timed segments in each stage.


I don’t think you could go wrong with either: both have a healthy dose of threshold interval work for climbing which is what defines your event’s performance.

Don’t forget to win the kitchen as well bc power to weight ratio will be important: