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Hello everyone my name is Dave. I am new here been a regular lister to the podcast an learning a lot. I am mostly an endurance rider that dose time trials for fun. I live in Florida where most ride all year long and the group ride hero is alive and well. Like so many others all my events have been cancelled except one a century ride in two weeks. After that I plan to take some time off the bike then start base. My question is would it be ok to ride once in a while in the hills during the base period or should I wait for the build period? It’s so flat here I get bored riding the same route all the time I like braking things up. My first event for 2021 won’t be until March but at this time I don’t have exact date it hasn’t been released yet and might not be till December. As someone that is self-coached I am trying to really get a hold of my training for the year instead of just going out and hammering it. The group ride that I sometime take part in has one philosophy (“Go Hard and if that doesn’t work Go Harder”)



This is a an example great use of training by power or HR. These tools show you how hard you are working even while on climbs. Some climbs can be a little steep to keep the power controlled and the downs can also make things tricky, but with some practice you can stay pretty smooth and still stay within the correct zones for base rides. So yes! Go find those hills!

Thanks Isaiah

I do use a power meter and HR I am glad I can mix climbs in and it will force me to stay in the right zone


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We are big BIG fans of using group rides for training but equally if not more so of following a plan consistently over time . And for training plans you’ve come to the right place :wink: AND our sweet spot plans have group rides designed right in.

When I read Time Trials, and March and Florida - I think build a big base with our sweet spot plans and then do time trial specific work for the six weeks leading into your first A race.

Sweet Spot Base: 16 Weeks Of Sweet Spot – FasCat Coaching

Thanks Frank I am going to look into those plans


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