Pushing plan back by a couple of weeks

Hi Coaches
Please can you help. I have just finished week 3 of my 10 week resistance training and my left knee is hurting. I have an imbalance in my body which means that my left leg is weaker than my right . I have been to my physio who has told me that my imbalance is getting better. My legs are stronger and the flexibliity is ok. they have however advised me to keep going on the activation stage for a couple of more weeks so that I can try and get a bit more in balance. This all sounds good as I have lots of time before my season starts and I was starting the 32 plan early for such eventualities as getting sick and/or injured.
any thoughts?
is there a way that I can put the plan back a couple of weeks on TP? I see how to move workouts individually but not how to move it all back
thanks for your help

Hi Andrew,

Yes stick with the adaptation phase and listen to your doctor! That is priority number one. You don’t want to do anything that causes pain.

So you can do a couple of things.

First you could move each day individual

Secondly you can cut, copy, and paste a week at a time. On the very right hand side under the summary block is a menu where you can choose to cut and paste weeks.

Thirdly and probably the best way to go is to unapply the plan and reapply the plan to the new starting date. That is what I would recommend you do.