Proper Taper Prescription?

Howdy, you would think after 15 years I’d have a clue. But, what makes a good taper? I Just finished Road Racing intervals, and have a 52 mile hilly “A” race next Sunday June 2. What should I do this week? Generally I would do some 2x2’s and a few 5 min efforts T/W, ez thurs, nothing friday, openers sat. Thoughts?

Monday, Tuesday off like a regeneration week. Then Wednesday a few short hill efforts similar to event. (I.e. 3 x 5 minute full gas 5 minute rest between), Zone 2 Thursday, off Friday and openers Saturday.


Have you seen our taper training tip?

This is good start + Coach Jake’s recommendations

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Aces, much appreciated thanks ! I will admit to an EZ 3 hours today though…70 and sunny and ride with good friends was very appealing esp considering it was 42 and rain 2 weeks ago. I didn’t ride Thurs/Fri/Sat though :slight_smile:

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