Problems with trainer cant do ftp test


So i bought sweet spot 3, and as of today, my trainer (Elite Suito) is not working properly, i can only use it on ERG mode, that means i cant do ftp test, also i cant go outside, so i wonder what am i supposed to do? I didnt do ftp test since last year, and i dont know which number should i use? Ive been riding already this year outside and indoor and now i want to train following some plan.
Should i just use my ftp number from last year and keep following this plan on ERG until i resolve problems with my trainer?


You can do the FTP test on erg mode just to see how accurate your currently set FTP is. So it will have you riding at 105% of your current FTP. I would almost recommend starting at 100% of FTP for the first 10 minutes then go up to 105% the next 5 minutes and if feeling strong you can go up to 110%.

Another option is to look at your previous rides to this point. Look for your peak 20 minute power numbers or peak 60 minute normalized power. This can help you determine what your FTP is currently is well. Might be the best option.

Hopefully you can get that trainer issue sorted out!

Thank you, i will try that.