Prescribed Warm up times


I’m currently on week 3 of the 10 week strength training plan. Today’s workout was 3 x 8 muscle tension intervals. No warmup, just right into 9 min at 180w. I typically like a long warmup and even 180w feels hard right off the couch. This made for a really tough workout for me. Is there a specific reason for this or can i add additional warmup time? I feel like i could use it for most of the workouts.


Hi Rusty - with our training plans we are often trying to stay within certain duration guidelines in order to match the time limit for what many athletes ride for that day. When you are time crunched the warm up and cool down gets truncated.

In your case you can warm up longer (~ 30 minutes) and benefit from beginning the structured part of your working firing on all cylinders.

For more on warming up, read and listen to our warm up podcast: