Prescribed TSS?

Hi gang:

Can you please explain why in TrainingPeaks my workouts will say one TSS in the title of the workout and another number in the planned TSS?


There is what I call a decay in real world training rides from coasting, riding downhill, stopping, etc… In TrainingPeaks the software calculates without knowing or thinking about that and thus the absolute number.

Go by the number in the title to FtFP


That’s great to hear - always thought I was doing it wrong

Hi Frank,

I have a related question, I think. I’m doing the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot and trying to FtFP. However, I’m still not sure how to approach the Saturday Sweet Spot Group Ride now that I am riding solo. Today’s prescribed recovery week ride was 2 hours with TSS about 115. Before the ride, I determined that I wanted my NP to be 92% of FTP and used my power meter to stay on track to hit an IF of .92 for the ride. However, this resulted in a TSS of 165 for the ride. The same story has played out for previous Saturday Sweet Spot “Group Ride”.

Should I worry about the cumulative effects of an extra 50 TSS per week, or not? Should I aim for the lower end of Sweet Spot to get closer to 115?


Heya @kfath.30 - good question:

So good, we recorded a podcast on the topic just 2 weeks ago about what to do for your group rides. Give it a listen and I hope that helps:

One pro tip is to keep track of your TSS in real time during the ride and use that to meter out your effort and be able to keep riding until you achieve the prescribed TSS.


Hi Frank,

I listened to that episode. It was another good one.

I guess what I wasn’t able to interpret for doing a solo “Sweet Spot Group Ride” was: Do I find a way to bring home the prescribed TSS while incorporating as much SS time as I can? Or, do I bring home a Normalized Power that falls within the SS zone, even though that means substantially overshooting the prescribed TSS?