Prep for my climb on 29 Dec Question

Hi guys,

Quick question before my coaching feedback. I need to know how much effort and TSS I put into tomorrow’s ride (27 Dec) before I do race-openers on the 28 Dec before my 67 km ride, with 17 km, 5.9% climb of Mt Buller ( ) in preparation for the Falls Peaks classic.

I want to do well in my climb and have plenty of energy for it, get to the top and feel fresh too… I recognise in the grand scheme that this ride part of my training and some times one has to ride with fatigue and put their ego aside.

So, I’d appreciate your advice for the next two days’ training/rest before having to decide what to do in about 7 hours time - 5:30 am Australian EDST.

Look forward to hearing from you and to my more formal Training Peaks feedback.

Thank you and Happy Christmas