Pre-race warm up to NAIL the start

Any suggestions on how I can start stronger in XC/CX races? I had a XC race this weekend and had a great race except for the first climb where I got dropped by some riders I later passed in the 2nd half of the race.

At the beginning of the race I feel like I can’t take in enough oxygen and there’s a governor on my power output. But after 20 minutes or so I feel like I can breathe better and hit the Z5+ power outputs with less pain. Honestly maybe the adrenaline rush is messing with me.

I did a 42 minute warm up with 5 minutes at threshold and 2x 30sec efforts in Z6. I’m thinking I may need to get more specific in my warmup and spend some quality time at Z5 outputs to really get the heart rate up and blood flowing.

Also, I am looking forward to the cyclocross specific intervals with the full gas starts. That should help a ton.

Hi @tgoods

start here:

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Thanks Big Cat! I continue to be impressed by Fascat’s dedication to cyclocross (and all the other cycling disciplines, but especially cyclocross!)