Pre Race Openers

Hi FasCats!!

What pre race “opener” workout do you suggest for a road race? From what I’ve read openers can vary depending on the discipline (road, time trail, MTB, cyclocross, etc). Also, does the workout vary if it’s a one day race or a stages road race?

I like either 30 secs or 1 minuters. They are all sorts of combinations, repetitions but I limit everyone, even pro athletes to a 1 hour ride. 3 reps min, 5 max.

The important thing to remember is that openers aren’t a training workout; rather a method of opening up your legs for the race tomorrow. Like a warm up do as little as possible to save the most energy for the race the next day.

You should finish your openers feeling better at the end than you did at the beginning coming off a rest day

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