Pre-race Openers

I’ve got a race tomorrow, I’ve been super sick that last couple weeks and feel mostly good enough to race tomorrow. I’ve been mostly off the bike and resting as much as possible due to week legs and body.

I have no expectations for tomorrow, just to get out there and have some fun.

Few questions:

  1. What workout should I do today?
  2. In general what should a pre-race day opener look like?
  3. What sort of workouts should I focus on to get back in the swing of things recovering from a couple weeks mostly off from illness? I’m on the back half of this but I’m 11 days in and probably have a few more days left before I’m back to normal.

Race type: Criterium

This is what I would recommend you doing tomorrow. A few short efforts at threshold and finish with a couple 30 second full gas efforts. Let’s you open up and hit a variety of intensity.

Then over the course of the next two weeks I would focus on Sweet Spot efforts. Trying to build your fitness back all the while being able to recover from day to day better. Sweet Spot allows this. As you move along you can add in intensity with tempo / sweet spot burst or crisscross efforts between tempo and Vo2 max. After about two weeks you should be able to resume training where you were.

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How long before the race should I be doing these? The race is at 3pm.

Is this immediately before or a few hours before?

Anything specific that should be done the day before the race?

Thanks for the tips by the way, it’s much easier to wrap my head around what to do next. It helps push through the frustration that this whole last year and particularily this last few months have not gone the way I wanted them to.

Between injury, illness, and numerous life changes I have to throw in the towel for what was suppose to be my A-race at ToAD this year. ToAD will be pushed off for next year and this year will be focused on building strength and trying to get a podium at one of the few races I’ll be able to do this year.

This is the day before workout that I already sent. That is what I thought you meant.

This is a warm up you can preform before your race.

You’re a legend. Thanks!!

As an aside, the crit intervals plan doesn’t seem to have Race Openers or Crit Warm Up Protocol or maybe it does and I’m missing something.

You want the Road In Season for the warm up and openers:

I have this plan, but I’m not seeing the warmup and openers.

Hey @lizzyha ! You actually have the road racing intervals plan, not the road racing in season plan. That is why you are not seeing those openers.

Gotcha! For some reason I was thinking that was the one I got :woman_facepalming:t2: What is the difference?

The road racing in season structures the workouts so that you can race on the weekends and includes openers before each race. The road racing interval plan is made to sharpen the sword before you do a race specific plan or to get you ready for a specific race (though you will need to add in a taper week after you finish week 6). If you are using it for the latter and plan to race more, that is where the in season plan comes in :slight_smile:

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