PRE CX Season Plans?


I’ve just finished the Fascat “Sweetspot” plan and then a “Gravel” plan to participate in the Southern California Belgian Waffle Ride… the plans work!

That said, I’d like to start thinking about my upcoming 2019 CX season…

@Brandon – which FC plan (or plans) should I be lining up to get fit for the season, knowing that my biggest issues previously were high bursts of power on demand and a tremendous lack of bike handling skills? I’ll start this new plan in mid/late May.

@FRANK – can you point me to where I can sign up for that $29/month training peaks monitoring?

Thanks team for everything you do!

Here is the order of progression for our six week cyclocross specific plans. You can begin the CX Summer Sweet Spot now:

Those plans may be found here also in a left to right progression:[164]

We also have the entire 5 plan bundled here at an 18% discount:

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Love it!

@FRANK – where can I get that Training Peaks monitoring set up? Any additional details on that?

hang tight on that we haven’t gotten that all set jut yet

@ianricher apologies for not chiming in. Looks like Frank has you covered!

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Hi- I am currently preparing for a gravel race on July 6th, then will be focused on prep for CX. Would you recommend ‘CX summer sweet spot’ over ‘6 weeks to CX’ in the following progression? I would like to boost my CTL/FTP prior to CX season and shorter intensity fitness (1’-5’) comes a lot easier to me than 30-60’ /FTP. In the past I’ve also tended to fade as CX season wears on. I don’t have time for an 18 week progression before my main races in October.
SS2 > SS3 > gravel (hilly) ??CX summer sweet spot?? >> CX intervals
thanks! Marc

Hi Marc - if you want to build CTL thru the summer for CX you would build from now until August 1st and which point you’d begin the ‘Six Weeks to Sweet Spot’ Plan. The July 6th gravel race would be part of your build.

I think that’s 10 weeks for 2-4 ramp rate + a couple of rest weeks and you should be able to do a nice build.

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If you’re doing the math at home it’s about 15 weeks to the start of cyclocross season!

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How are the individual plans in the CX bundle pushed to Training Peaks? All at once? Every 6 weeks?

The are individual plans, but downloaded in all at once. By entering the correct start dates it all connects together nicely.

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