My first cross race in over 2 years. Doesn’t get much better than this!


M U D ! ! !

Fabulous way to start the cx season - yes!

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Cross in a corn field?? Love it. I’m originally from central Illinois so that brings back memories.

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My first event! Gran Fondo Maryland, 97 miles, 9100 feet of climbing. Sept 19, almost the anniversary (Sept 30 last year) of getting on a bike and starting to lose some weight. 55 lbs and several FasCat training plans later I did this harder-than-average fondo and it was no big deal. Not competitive on time yet but maybe next year after some more FTP and some more pounds down.

I was hoping to win a FasCat jersey at some point during the year to be an advertisement at my goal event. Maybe next year!


Yes, there was a huge section of rutted out single track buried under up to 2 Feet!! of standing water that snaked through the corn fields. The race was appropriately called “Corn Cross” :slight_smile:

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My partner is friends with someone that was at that race @amy.engelhard . They posted a video of them on the course and he was SO jealous :joy:
Looked like a really interesting course since you couldnt really see any of your competitors ahead of you in that giant cornfield section… not to mention trying to navigate through all that mud!

Way to go @theodore.powers !!
What a way to celebrate a years worth of FtFPing and winning in the kitchen!

you couldn’t see them, but you could hear them sloshing through all the water :joy:

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First Wednesday night CX race in over two years! Rode in the less competitive/older gentleman’s division and won so I’ll move up next week to the A race.


And here I was thinking I had a high heart rate :exploding_head:
You definitely put in an effort on that one!


Not racing, but did my longest ride since starting off-season after a hamstring strain.


I originally planned to race twice on Saturday but unexpectedly made the podium on day 1 of the Amy D Breaking Barriers CX in Golden, CO so was persuaded by the winner of the race, legend Tim Faia, to come back for day 2. As it turned out him and 2nd place were unable to race. I came in 4th on day 2 and secured the top step for the weekend! So very unexpected and I owe it all to the CX plans (6 week till cross & race 'n recover) I’ve followed and coaching subscription with @Lacey_Rivette!


YaHOO! :muscle: Great going!! Way to FtFP.

That is some fine company you are up there with: Faia, Gallegos, Doug from Feedback .

I really don’t think doing 2 races in one day should be a goal per se - only if you feel deficient in skills. Racing twice in one day requires more recovery and may upset your ability to FtFP the following Tues/Wed/Thur.

Once you get into your race and recover phase on the plans I’d limit yourself to ONE really good race per day/weekend and really leave it all out there on the course.

Good luck the rest of the season!

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Thanks @FRANK it was surreal for sure to be in that elite company of Colorado CX legends during the race. Great coaching, hard work and some luck all came together both days. Needless to say I won’t be aiming for two races in one day any time soon!

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Well, I’m off to a hot start in the CX season. I earned my C2 upgrade at Jinglecross and then podiumed in a local P/1/2 race. Power is hard to measure in cross but I can reasonable say my power in races is up 20 - 30 watts vs last year. I specifically came to Fascat at the beginning of 2021 because I saw the passion and attention to detail for the CX racer. It didn’t disappoint! FTPing has been hard, no doubt about it, but the results are coming in! Thanks Fascat team @FRANK @Lacey_Rivette @Jake for everything!

Got lots of racing left and I’m cruising on the race and recover plan. Legs are feeling fresh and motivation is very high at the moment. Schedule allowing I’m going to try to do the nationals training block over Thanksgiving week.


I volunteer as a “domestique” for an organization called Best Buddies (ride bikes to raise money for people with intellectual disabilities) and I got to show this lanky fellow around Marin and Sonoma counties.


This is AWESOME! I used to work with best buddies during high school, it is a great organization.


555kms 19300 ft with our fourman team. Finished at 4.15am this morning. Blessed.